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【Hearts and Harmony】Valentine's Gift Box

Photos are for reference only.

  Original Price: HK$ 470
【Special Price: HK$ 280 (40% off)】

The Royal Garden offers the exquisite Borghese Giardino Bath Set as part of the in-room amenities. Featuring a collection of fresh and retail-caliber formulations that combine health, natural, luxury, and science, which is very popular among our guests.

This luxurious gift set will leave your skin glowing, firm, refreshed, and captivating. Available in a citrusherb blend, the top notes offer a light scent of lemon and radiant orange and then it opens up to a sweet-spicy scent of basil with woody undertones. The elegant packaging also make it a perfect choice for gifting, exuding a sense of luxury and generosity.

The gift box contains special version 'Dai Dai & Siu Mui' cushion.The exquisite patterns and soft touch on the hugging pillow will bring more relaxation and pleasure to your life. 'Dai Dai & Siu Mui' is a popular cartoon couple in Hong Kong.Through simple lines and a cute art style, "Siu Mui" captures the everyday moments with "Dai Dai" in comic form. These comics are shared on Instagram and Facebook, attracting over 450,000 online readers.

The gift box includes:
· Borghese Giardino Bath Set (Shampoo 300ml, Conditioner 300ml, Shower Gel 300ml)
· One 'Dai Dai & Siu Mui' cushion (25*25*11cm)
· One exquisite satin gift box (Random color will be distributed.)
· One string of sparkling fairy lights
· One bouquet of romantic dried flowers (The images may not perfectly represent the actual product. Please refer to the actual product for accuracy.)
· One exquisite gift bag

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