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The Royal Garden’s Fine Foods Shop offer a sumptuous range of cakes, pastries, baked goods, confectionery and delicatessen products. The delicatessen-style butterfly cookies are considered among the best in town. Over the years, our homemade butterfly cookies have gained good word-of-mouth and reputation for the Hotel. The image of “butterfly” and The Royal Garden is inseparable. Therefore, whenever you are thinking of butterfly cookies, the brand “The Royal Garden” will be popped up in your mind.

In Chinese culture, butterfly symbolizes “perfection” and “joy”. The tradition meaning of “good fortune” and “propitious” reflected by butterflies in the Chinese culture are also the blessing from The Royal Garden to our guests.

Being praised as “The Souvenir of Hong Kong”, our butterfly cookies is a gift of love and blessing. Many of our guests who tried the butterfly cookies at The Royal Garden spread their love for this unique pastry to their family and friends, so as to share the “taste of joy” with their loved ones.

Our butterfly cookies are expertly handmade and freshly baked in Hong Kong everyday. You can taste the crispy butterfly cookies melting in your mouth by layers, oozing sweetness of sugar and buttery aroma.

Complimenting the wide spectrum of tempting treats, Fine Foods Shop also offers a selection of fine wines from the world over. Cookies, chocolates, customized hampers and other gift items are also available for order.

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